My BIG Bookshelf organization plan

For those who might care… and I know some other homeschool moms just NEED to know, here is how I organized my big bookshelf/bin unit. I know this is not a great picture, but you can kind of see how it works. All the baskets and bins are from Target. My husband and I made the shelf unit a couple years ago to use for scrapbooks and toys so it is custom fit to the bins I chose. But basically it’s a custom made version of the Ikea 5×5 shelf unit that is 6’x6′.


Upper row: Scrapbooking supplies and art stuff (hopefully will move at some point).

Top row: Art, supplies & my stuff

  1. Art related books: Kids art projects, Books on Artists, How to draw… etc.
  2. I use this for my daily supplies, books and binders, so it comes down daily.
  3. My Organizational Binders & reference binders, Timeline binder
  4. My personal art supplies and sketch books
  5. School supplies (folders, binders, laminating sheets), guides for next year, guides I may want to use later this year.

Row 2: Skylar’s stuff

  1. Skylar’s History and Geography resources: larger readers, reference books, maps
  2. Skylar’s Math and Science add-ons. Books we won’t use daily, but regularly.
  3. Supplies in drawer unit (stickies, expo markers, staples, tape, glue, etc.), dictionary, AAS cards
  4. Skylar’s teacher guides: Rod & Staff 3 teacher guide, DITHOR teacher guide, AAS 3 guide, etc.
  5. Skylar’s texts & guides for later in the year (3B math, writing guides, science guides, etc.

Row 3: Devin’s stuff

  1. Circle time books for: logic, art, music, fairy tales, nursery rhymes & devotions. Also white boards and calendar time resources.
  2. Devin’s math workbooks, & mazes (in binders in page protectors so he can do over & over), books about math, sequencing pocket chart.
  3. Devin’s read-alouds
  4. Devin’s teacher guides: for Little Hearts, Phonics Museum K, History, etc.
  5. Devin’s FIAR and FIAR type books (we’ll see if we use these or not… )

Row 4: Art & music and more Devin

  1. Colored cardstock and construction paper
  2. Devin’s language and writing resources
  3. Music History and appreciation books and CD’s
  4. Unsorted guides and bible resources
  5. Devin’s independent readers for later in the year

Bottom Row: Games, projects and storage

  1. Coloring books
  2. Skylar’s science book basket
  3. Skylar History, Science and Geography puzzles and manipulatives
  4. Additional Devin resources for later in the year or next year
  5. Skylar readers and read-aloud books for later in the year

I cannot tell you how many hours I spent getting this the way it is now, but I like the end result! And I can find things easily and quickly now, which is really the fruit of my labor.



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