It’s Circle Time!

Circle Time (also known as ‘let’s ease into our day slowly while mom has some coffee’ time) was something we did occasionally last year, but with Devin joining us full-time this year, I decided it needed to be a regular event. I want to have a fun start to the day, get the kids minds working, add in some music and play! It is a nice gentle start to our day!

My original Circle Time plan worked well our first week, so I think we will continue with it as written. It’s taking about an hour so far, but I hope to get it down to 45 minutes or less in a few weeks, once we learn the routine. We are getting through several subjects too (poetry, bible, music, rhymes). I think we’ve all enjoyed it, and we begin our day with the focus on God & our Bible study, which is ideal.

I thought I’d share more specifically what we’re doing for circle time.

  • Prayer: We were just saying a general (creative) prayer, but I think next week I will also use a traditional morning prayer for them to learn throughout the week.
  • Music: Hymn from Bigger, Scripture Memory song from Little, Fun Bible Song, Fun Pre-school song, Days of the Week song, Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Song (since we are reading Winnie the Pooh). Devin dances & sings while Skylar does some coloring work. After about day 3, I made a playlist for our songs of the week/month, so that sped things up a lot! Highly recommended!
  • Calendar Time: weather, days of school, day of the week, calendar, counting, patterning
  • Poetry: Skylar’s Poetry from Bigger (we are doing this 3-4days a week. It seems too much to me to do this daily, so we do a couple days boxes at a time).
  • Rhymes in Motion: I hope to add in the Little Hearts Rhymes in Motion, but D is not too thrilled with these yet.
  • Bible: We work on both kid’s memory verses & Bible boxes from their guides. We are also reading thru the Jesus Bible for kids.
  • Thinking Skills/Logic: I have a variety of logic, thinking skills & brain bender books that we are doing a page or two of daily. D uses Visual Perceptive Skill Builders & Thinking Skills. S uses Look! Listen! Think!, Logic Liftoff, Brain Benders, & Math Mysteries. We do riddles & jokes here too.
  • Art Appreciation: I have chosen weekly paintings and sculptures to study that correlate with the history and/or science part of Bigger. We are narrating that in the Charlotte Mason style and Skylar & I are doing some deeper analysis of style, artist, design and interpretation. (We do this 2-3 days a week)
  • Memorization: Skylar is working to memorize her books of the Bible. Devin is working to learn our phone number now, and then our address.

I had originally planned to begin with Devin and do his circle time topics for about 15 minutes, and then add in Skylar while D played, but they both have been in the schoolroom when we start. So we have been going back and forth between the kids. When it’s not their turn, Skylar works on her history coloring pages & D has been doing math manipulatives (tangrams, C rods, geoboard, sorters.). It’s nice too, because they listen in on each other’s work and songs.

This is definitely the most fun part of the day for mom. I get the least whining and most happy kids, so we are keeping it as long as that lasts!

Thanks for reading!



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