Hi! I’m Shira. This page says I’m supposed to tell ABOUT me. It is hard to do. I always hated writing a bio.

I’m 5’9, blonde (ish) hair, blue eyes… I guess that isn’t really pertinent here is it?!

I’m a creative soul, looking for a outlet to the constantly spinning thoughts inside my head. I used to journal, a lifetime ago, but have let school, jobs, family, life get in the way.

I trained to be a scenic & lighting designer and scenic artist for theatre and film, and enjoyed doing that for many years. Then life happened, a special needs child was born, and my priorities took a hard right turn. The job I thought I was supposed to have, that I had worked so hard to be good at, that I absolutely loved, became an afterthought. Instead, I spent all my time learning all that I could about Holoprosencephaly, a rare brain malformation that affected our first child, Cayden. My life since that fateful day in the sonogram room almost 10 years ago, is now completely different than I had imagined it would be.

Fast forward to 2013, I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom to Skylar and Devin, wife to Joey, my husband of 13+ years. Cayden left us to be with Jesus on Feb.1, 2008, a day I will never forget. Our family has changed and morphed in ways most cannot understand, and has survived where others fall apart. We have a son who is no longer with us, a daughter who has been the youngest, only, oldest and middle child, and a little boy who misses a big brother he never got to meet. We also lost two other children to miscarriage before we were blessed with Devin, so we have a houseful waiting in Heaven for us! Add in a big black dog who couldn’t wait to be with his buddy Cayden, and a little brown one who is a spoiled princess now as the only dog, and you have us in full! Our family tree may be complicated but we are not!

We are a close family, we love exploring the outdoors: hiking, geo-caching, biking, swimming. We camp when we can and plan when we can’t. We love God and make no pretense that we are a family of faith. He promises that we will be reunited with our children in Heaven someday, if only we believe in him, so what could possibly be wrong with that?!

I started this blog to document a little of our homeschooling in faith journey when I can. I don’t expect to be a regular blogger. I don’t think I’ll blog every week. But who knows? It might be therapeutic, and helpful to me, perhaps to others. I promise not to sugarcoat, but rather to tell it like it is. Because that is perhaps one of my most telling quirks… shoot straight, like it or not.  I have been through a lot, and have learned to be like a duck… most of the time (even though the cable company can still get my feathers ruffled!). There is no reason to not be honest, to paint a prettier picture for my life than the reality I live. It’s mine, and I’ll claim the pain, the sorrow, the joy and the challenges. It shows in my face, in the extra few pounds, in the stretch marks, but I don’t dare erase those lines, because then I’d have to erase the joy that those moments brought too.

I live in hope, walk by faith, and love God through it all.

Anything else you want to know about me or us, you’ll have to wait and read to find out!



One comment on “About

  1. Hi, Shira. I read all of your posts on 28 Days of Cayden. What a blessing to read how you loved your son, how you understood his needs and advocated for him. I think you should expand your posts into a book! At any rate, thank you for sharing your son’s story.


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