5 Fast & Easy THM Breakfasts

It’s the most important meal of the day, right? And usually the most crazy! Since we homeschool, I don’t have that gotta-get-out-the-door stress that many moms do, but it’s gotta-get-the-day-started just the same. My kids would love to linger over pancakes, tv, and games, but then our school day is ridiculously slow and long. A quick breakfast, moves toward an early start, and a smoother moving day for us for sure!

I have found that THM style meals do benefit my entire family. My kids do so much better at their school work with a healthy, low carb, high protein breakfast. And I am the teacher being tormented if they are hyper, so why do that to myself? These ideas work for them as well as me! YAY!

IMG_6568#1. Fried Eggs & Sausage Patties (S) 

Super easy, right? I do two eggs for myself, one or two sausage patties (I get the Aldi kind). If I have a few minutes to spare, I will heat up my pan with the patties in them, then cook the eggs in the sausage grease. If I’m more rushed, I microwave those bad boys! Eggs only take a couple minutes in a small pan. (Yes, I’ve even saved some bacon grease to use to fry my eggs with! I’m that girl!) Some days I add a thin slice of sprouted bread (Target brand) but usually not. It has 14 net carb in 2 slices, so 7 carbs in one. Technically, its over the 6 carb limit for a S meal, so have half a slice, or use it only occasionally.  Bread is a craving creator for me for sure, so I typically avoid on S days.

Target Sprouted bread

This thin sliced sprouted bread is found in the deli area at Target.

#2. Scrambled Eggs with Cottage Cheese (bacon or sausage optional) (S)

We are IN LOVE with scrambled eggs & cottage cheese. Have you tried this yet? If not, you must… tomorrow! Scramble your 2 eggs as usual. Add a couple big spoonfuls of full fat cottage cheese. I do this after the eggs have set a little in cooking, my hubby does it before cooking, either way is fine. Keep the eggs moving as you cook them, they won’t get dry at all, but cook until the eggs look solid. The cottage cheese gives them a light, buttery, cheesy, fluffy goodness… you have to try it! Add in some bacon bits or sausage crumbles to add a bit more flavor & fat if you like. Or do some minced veggies with it. But veggies aren’t in my morning schedule or palate, so I stick to the plain jane stuff, not that THESE eggs are plain!


 #3. Scrambled Eggs with shredded Cheddar (maybe in a mini pita pocket) (S)

Farm fresh eggs!

Again, the eggs. We now have a source for farm fresh eggs, so we can’t get enough of those lovely brown & blue shells. So delicious & just right in the morning. Scramble up a pile for the family, salt & pepper to taste, throw them in a warm pan & stir until cooked as desired. I like mine well cooked but not dry, so just before finishing, I throw on a couple handfuls of shredded cheddar cheese, mix some more until the cheese is melted. If we’re really hungry, we’ll have these on a mini Joseph’s pita pocket, like a mini taco. But most days it’s plain jane again, just pile ’em on the plate. Add a sausage patty  on the side, or add bacon or sausage crumbles to the mix when cooking). If you can actually pre-cook bacon & have it last in your home, this is excellent to have with cheesy eggs. Bacon vanishes around here, and school days just aren’t the time to fry up some more. So packaged bacon bits, or pre-cooked sausage crumbles have to work for me.

skinny syrups#3.5. Coffee and cream (S) I have to admit… I am a coffee addict. I can’t really function or think before I get at least a half a cup in. And I like my coffee with half & half or cream. So I tend to stick to S breakfasts most days, so I can have creamy coffee. I’ve also found this delectable stuff called Skinny Syrups that has 0 cal, 0 sugar, but tastes like caramel. It’s a former Caramel Creamer gal’s newest addiction! (again… this is probably NOT for the purist! There are definitely some big words in the ingredients list that do NOT come from nature. BUT I am NOT a purist, and this is a lifestyle change, NOT a diet, so I choose to enjoy!) I sip coffee in my huge mug all morning, so S breakfasts really are the way I lean. However… for those fuel cycles or (agh!) when we’re out of eggs, I’ll share my other regular choices.


#4. Oatmeal Deluxe (E)

My husband has been eating oatmeal for years. I have not. I just didn’t see the pleasure in eating a bowl full of brown mushy oats. But, to be fair, I have been trying. It really is a quick, easy option for breakfast, and doesn’t take much more effort than the eggs. If you’re an oatmeal newbie… try it this way. And yes… you have to do your coffee with almond milk or black on these E days! (or with the skinny syrup!)

Get standard Quaker Oatmeal. Put 1/2 cup into a bowl with 1/2 +/- cup water to desired wetness. Microwave 1 minute on high. quick stir. I then add 1/2 scoop protein powder, dash cinnamon, dash vanilla, dash truvia & big splash of almond milk. Mix it all up & BAM! deliciousness! A little sweetness, a little flavor, a little more protein to hold you over longer. If I have fresh fruit I will also add blueberries or raspberries as well. Sometimes walnuts, sometimes kefir instead of almond milk. This is a great stick-to-your-ribs breakfast for a cold, damp day.

IMG_6565#5. The Smoothie.

I like the smoothie. The kids LOVE the smoothie. To them, it’s like having ice cream for breakfast & what kid wouldn’t want that?! I’ve gotten pretty quick at making them, and try to make a big batch for all of us to share. But the Ninja single serve cups to make them easy to customize & just make a few at once if no one can agree on flavors.

I actually have SO much love for the smoothie, that I am going to write another whole post on our favorite smoothie & the 11 quick flavor varieties you can get from one easy-to-learn recipe! Tune in tomorrow! (While you eat your eggs maybe?!)

Taste & see that the Lord is Good! 





4 comments on “5 Fast & Easy THM Breakfasts

  1. Great post! I’m still in the ‘getting my feet wet’ stage of THM, so I love when people share their easy ideas. Thanks! I look forward to your smoothie post!


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