Sideshow Distractions

So I ask you to bear with me as I stumble my way through the growth pains of being a beginning blogger. I am trying to figure out my look, my site, my font, my pictures! Trying to figure out how often to blog, when to find time to do it, what to write about… and on and on! 

One thing I am NOT trying to figure out is my reason for blogging. I feel that I have been purposed to share my mis-steps as well as my secure steps. As they come. I have been feeling that my fear, or insecurity, or caution, whatever you might call it, for this blog is really coming from the wrong side of the gully. The side I certainly don’t want to end up on. The gully I don’t want to fall into. I have learned that when faced with great opposition, I must fight through because the harder the fight, the greater the reward. 
The view for the newly chosen header is from a spot in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a short but steep hike up the hill. A hike full of 6 whiny, hungry children under the age of 7. A hike that should have leisurely taken about 20 minutes, but after water breaks, snack breaks, potty breaks, and sitting on the ground with not-moving toddler breaks, it must have been closer to an hour. Then, when we were almost at the top, the kids were more captivated by climbing a cool rock formation in the woods than the view. 
But kids, we said, “Just wait! Come over here and see the view! What a sight to see!”
Eventually we got most of them to look over the edge, to give us a quick “Wow!” before they went back to the rocks. They were not impressed or particularly interested in the view. They were just too tired and too young to realize that the end goal was the view at the top, not the rocks. They didn’t care. They just wanted to go back down and find some chicken nuggets. 
I was frustrated, and a bit perturbed. I wanted to go a bit further and see some more cool views, some interesting trees, and find the items on our nature scavenger hunt. I wanted to enjoy the gorgeous day. But once whininess began (x6), it was a rolling snowball that led us all straight back down the hill to try to find some peace! 
I wonder if that is how God sees us sometimes. Really we shouldn’t wonder, but KNOW that God sees us like those whiny toddlers. We might be SO close to reaching the goal, the great reveal of ALL He has planned for us. 
“It’s within your reach, just a few more steps!,” He says. 
But instead of pushing aside the branches and really SEEING the view, we are distracted by climbing the nearby rocks. Rocks are cool, rocks are rewarding, but rocks are NOT what HE had intended for our lives! HE intended for us to find the endless vista, along with joy in His beautiful creation, and the pride of reaching the summit. Instead, we are satisfied with what we have accomplished on our own, lacking the desire and the faith needed to take those few extra oh-so-important steps to reach the amazing things HE has planned for us!
How CAN we stay straight and true, keeping our eyes on His path and reaching the summit HE has intended for us, rather than the less lofty goals we set for ourselves? By endlessly pursuing and searching within His guidebook, our GPS for life, the WORD of GOD himself; by reading the Bible daily and taking directions from Him.
Proverbs 4:25-27 (MSG) says it like this: 
     Keep your eyes straight ahead,
           ignore all sideshow distractions. 
     Watch your step, 
          and the road will stretch out smooth before you.
     Look neither right nor left;
          leave evil in the dust. 
Don’t find yourself climbing on the rocks and missing the vista. Don’t look left or right. Don’t stop too many times for water, or potty or playing-in-the-dirt breaks. Those are opportunities for evil to entice us to dally, to make us forget the goal of the summit. 
I want to find my way to the top along a smooth path, and that means getting rid of distractions and keeping my eyes straight ahead. Moving directly towards HIM. I am certain that the vista He is planning for me is much more than I can imagine. Your vista is amazing too, so take that first step, in faith. 

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